Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Early Chapter Book Series: Fabled Stables

Mercy Watson. Princess in Black. Charlie and Mouse.  These books series are ones that excite me the most.  Just enough text to warrant chapter headings, yet still enough great illustrations to provide clues to the reader about what is going on.  When I am able to turn readers onto these types of early chapter book series I feel like they are on their way to being independent readers for pleasure.  I am so excited to add The Fabled Stables to that part of my readers advisory toolbox.

I have been familiar with Auxier's work through his selection on our state library associations Sequoyah Masterlist where both Sweep and The Night Gardener have been nominated.  When I first saw a tweet that these early chapter books were coming I had high hopes.  They have not been dashed.

After receiving advance copies via NetGalley I was drawn into the world of this island at the top of the world and all of the magical creatures caretaker, Auggie.  Auggie watches over a hodgepodge of creatures and when a new stall appears he know another creature is in need of care or rescuing.  Fast moving plots, with unpredictable endings make these both satisfying reads.  While artwork was incomplete in both ARCs, I was able to glimpse a more complete sample in Tattle Tails and I was so pleased with what I saw.  

I will be sharing these titles with my readers as soon as my book order comes in.  I've included book two in that order in hopes that I will be able to receive it before my order closes.  Do yourself a favor and add these books to your TBR stacks and library book orders.

Grades 1-3 

As I always like to say, "Keep Reading."


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