Monday, January 18, 2021

Its Monday! What Are You Reading 01/18/21

 Books I've Read This Week

Historical Fiction -- Set in post American Revolution Martha's Vineyard.  Many of the people in Mary's village are deaf and when a researcher comes to study the community he is met with suspicion.  When confronting the researcher on his way out of town he kidnaps Mary for his live specimen.  A fast paced novel with a bit of mystery and a fast rising conclusion.

Magical Realism -- This graphic novel finds Snapdragon (Snap) discovering new things about the world around her.  The author/illustrator deftly deals with LGBTQ+ themes.  I never quite knew where this story would go next, and that kept the pages turning.

Realistic Fiction -- This series starter finds Jasmine Greene rescuing a runty piglet from a neighboring farm.  Reminiscent of Charlotte's Web, but more centrally focused on the Fern-like character.  A nice start for a series to introduce to 2nd and 3rd grade readers.

What I'm Reading Now

Cleo lives in the year 2096 in a world that has quarantined itself to apartments that no one can enter or leave.  The effects of the pandemic that ravaged the world are a bit unsettling in current times, but I will keep reading.

What I Will Read

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